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Multiplier event Regional historical museum Burgas - 10.03.2023

Implementation Overview
The multiplier event in the framework of EURICA project took place on March 10th at the Conference Hall of “P. Yavorov” Library (Burgas, Bulgaria). The event was organized by Regional Historical Museum - Burgas. During the registration stage the attendees filled the list of participants. EURICA project multiplier event in Burgas, Bulgaria was attended by 42 participants who represented different organisations . 39 of them were Bulgarians and 3 foreigners. Among the participating organisations were museums, community centers, and cultural organisations. The event strictly followed the agenda prepared for this purpose, attached to the reporting documents.

The event was officially opened by the Project Coordinator Assoc. Prof. Yanislav Zhelev. After the official opening Mr Zhelev, did a presentation of the project activities and the results of the completed work. The presentation featured a review of the training course of digitalization of ritual recipes. Each one of the modules were presented well with a focus on the potential benefits from the knowledge for all students – current and future ones. It was pointed out that the skills and procedures of the EuRiCa training course can be used as a basis for different types of digitalization in other spheres of life and are currently used by other types of craftsman.

The presentation of Mr. Zhelev continued with the templates which are used for the digitalization, as well as the ways to do it. The templates demonstrated how easy can be for all people with different level of digital skills to start their own digitalization process, just by following the given steps.
After that, according to the agenda, the event continued with Mr. Simeon Kanev, who presented a special Guide for Social media publishing, developed by RHM-Burgas, which gives highlights on how to properly use different digital channels like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram for the purposes of digitalizing ritual and traditional cuisine. The Guide is a natural continuation of the creation of digital content, which shows how to disseminate it to the public in a way that will help the creators to reach a wide audience.

The audience was familiarized with the digitalized recipes by students of the training course – people from Bulgaria, Latvia, Italy and Portugal. Ms. Radovesta Stewart presented different recipes from various authors, which demonstrated how the templates can be used both by people with basic digital knowledge and equipment and by professionals with high-level skills in video creation and editing, in order to create digital content from a recipe. All videos were shown from the EuRiCa YouTube channel.

The attendees asked many questions after the presentations, which turned the meeting into a Q&A session, in which they exchanged experience. Many of the attendees were interested particularly on the topic of copyright in the sector of cultural heritage, copyright issues on social media and websites and etc, which began a discussion about copyright.

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