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Bulgarian bread (pitka) for St. Spas or Ascension Day

This recipe for Bulgarian bread (pitka) requires only one rise. It is typically eaten on St. Spas or Ascension Day. The whole of the St. Spas day week is a festive one, dedicated to bread and fertility. Patterned loaves would be baked, i.e. bread covered in different ornaments. But in St. Spas bread the decorations were not fixed as is the case with a number of other rituals but depended on the skills of the woman of the house.


eggs - 2 pcs.
fresh milk - 300 ml
yogurt - 3 tbsp.
sugar - 1 tbsp.
salt - 1 tsp.
dry yeast - 7 g of Yotker
oil - 3 tbsp
flour - 1 kg
oil - 50 g for spreading


Step 1

Knead a medium hard dough and leave it to rise.
Step 2

Divide into 2 equal parts, roll one part into a large crust, grease with oil and roll.
Step 3

Cut into triangles and set aside. Divide the other part into 2 parts and roll each into a small crust, grease them with oil and roll into 2 rolls. Cut them in half and twist each part.
Step 4

Arrange the triangles at the end of the tray and the twisted parts in the middle. From the ends of the rolls put on top, leave the bread to rise, then spread with egg yolk and bake in a preheated oven at 160 degrees.

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